Dec 27, 2010


This strain originates in the Illawarra escarpment near the city of Wollongong, Australia. The Illawarra escarpment is the mountain range west of a narrow coastal plain south of Sydney, enclosing the region known as the Illawarra which stretches from Stanwell Park in the north to Kiama, Gerringong and the Shoalhaven river in the south. The hills of the plateau reach over 400 m and may drop abruptly to the coast.

The Wollongong strain tends to be very aggressive. The pinset is very even. First and second flush fruits tend to be the largest. What’s very remarkable about this strain is the color of the caps, which are a beautiful almond-like color. You can even see the edges of the caps have stripes. Very different from other strains.

Pictures by MMT

  1. hey i just got mmy print a few days ago, i was supposed to use it today but… WTF… no spores for me apparently… the alu foil was fucking empty! I am going to order some new ones, if the same happens… my donation will go to another site.

    • FSRE Staff says:

      We are sorry to hear this and agree that this can happen, it’s a shame if people do this on purpose. But we belief this is not the case,… in some cases the print is just very poor, so it may look like the alu is empty. If you have such a print we recommend to work with agar plates, if you work with agar you only need a tiny ‘invisible for the eye’ amount of spores.

      Anyway, it won’t hit you twice! ;)

      • killeriq says:

        It hit just me! paper packed in 2x alu folie and then voila… empty white paper, on which probably same lame guy put wet mushroom top, but not prints :( who ever are you that you are sending here this shit, wake up man what do you gain out of it?!

  2. magickfive says:

    yes the textures on the caps are wonderful !!!!

  3. chouettechampi says:

    hey this one are very interessant… I want ;)

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