Oct 12, 2010


The variety TULUM, is not exactly a mexican variety of psilocybe, the name came because the Collective SANTOVIAJE, spanish people of fungic and botanic speciallist with a bioquimic, and the help of a mexican-spanish shaman and friends stay for 1 year living in the state of Quintana Roo,Mexico in 1999, trying to make an hybrid… the varietys that was present in that “experiment” was: Ps.Baeocistys, Ps.Cyanescen, Ps. Mazateca and Ps.Thai Pink Buffalo.

The result of that experience was a mushroom very potent, and ready for the weather and temperatures more colds like in Europe, and ready too for out-door grow and little atention. They call the strain TULUM, because the culture grow there and the strains came to Spain and the culture #11, was the best. Few persons have the strain and take like a treasure, but people in cannabiscafe.net give some prints from DonGenaro and Wanche friends…

Here is the present I give to you, A print of TULUM #11 (contain Psilocibine, Psilocine and Baeocistine) and grow in a ratio of 13ºC > 28ºC, the strains are hard and resistent to contaminants using Hidrogen Peroxide, favorite eat biologic rice…

Source: http://gaas.iespana.es/santoviaje.htm

Mexican Tulum by Antonio
  1. sunshineshowers says:

    Do you guys ship spores to the us? if so how much Extra?

  2. Any body have a print this strain needs to be resrected and stocked for future work and tweeking.

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