Oct 12, 2010

Treasure Coasts

This strain comes from the Treasure Coasts of Florida and is known to produce “albinos” at random that are said to be more potent than average.
Colonization speed is a little slow compared to some of the other faster colonizing strains (such as the SE Asian strains), however, it’s known to produce very prolific pin sets and flushes, proving to be a high yielding strain with an above average potency.
Florida has produced some of the finest P.cubensis strains on the North American continent and The Treasure Coast variety of P.cubensis are a prime example of this.
They also do very well on simple rice cakes. It also tends to be fast on rye grain and fast on straw. This one is a very beautiful mushrooms worth checking out.

Treasure Coast
Source: http://www.thehawkseye.com

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  1. patval81 says:

    i fucking love this strain :D

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