Oct 12, 2010


Psilocybe mushrooms are thought to be almost non existent in South Africa. The last known species being the p.s. Natalensis has not been collected in many years. This past year some friends of ours discovered some psilocybes growing on the coast about 200 miles south of Durban, South Africa. They were growing under shady trees in cow pastures soaking up the ocean breeze. At first they did not think they were cubensis because they could not believe their eyes.

Sure enough the mushrooms stained blue and later were grown out and showed to be cubensis. Of course our friends in South Africa wanted to share them with the world and a lof of effort has gone in to bringing these spores to the forefront. This is the only known psilocybe mushroom in circulation from South Africa!!

Its pretty early in the game for these so we dont have a lot to report yet. They are fast colonizers and very agressive mycelium. They do tend to develop a little overlay but eventually pin and fruit anyway. They do not produce large fruits but are very abundant fruiters giving off nice yields for a small amount of grain substrate. No telling how these will change over time as they become more domesticated. Our friend says the potency is very nice for a cubensis and is quite pleased with these South Africa gems. They tend to resist contamination well, especially green mold (trichoderma). Making these a real nice choice for beginning researchers or people having problems with contamination. A lot more to develop on these so stay tuned. Currently the spores we have are from 2nd generation mushrooms, so they are rather untamed. We usually dont release strains before they are domesticated, so we only have a limited amount of these 2nd generation spores of this strain. We look forward to your feedback of the South Africa cubies and we do hope you enjoy as much as our friends in South Africa wanted to bring them to you :)
  1. KabuteSith says:

    I just sent a transkei print back to FSRE last week upon receipt of my request! Thanks FSRE!

  2. happiefish says:

    I have been working with this strain for several months now, and it really is a fantastic strain! I have started sending prints back to FSRE, hopefully they start arriving soon!

  3. happiefish says:

    Just received my print today! I am so excited!!!
    It took about 5 weeks, well worth the wait.
    Weirdly I live in South Africa, but it was WAY cheaper to get a print from this website rather than driving all the way to the Transkei. Will definitely submit photos as prints once the grow gets going! Thanks :)

  4. Mckenna says:

    I just ordered last week this print,I cant wait to achieve my first magic mushrooms and try it for spiritual purpose,I tried only once mushrooms and it was so deep and beautiful that words are poor to describe,cant wait to try even deeper entheogen like Iboga root

  5. sampioen says:

    Soma, if I had to guess, I think it would be cottowool.

  6. tibcsi604 says:

    nice stain!

  7. Gordy says:

    thats myc .

    as stated ” They do tend to develop a little overlay but eventually pin and fruit anyway.”

    looks like there gonna be a good strain to look out for in a few generations once there a bit more demesticated .

  8. what did they top that caseing with it looks like soap suds I know its not but what could it be?

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