Mar 10, 2011


This strain was observed and collected for the 1st time by Mauritius (founder of the pro-fungi, Brasil) in the Lowland region Careiro, state of Amazonas, Brazil.

During the rainy season extending from September to May, buffalo breeders bring their pets to farms flooded by the road BR 319 that connects the Careiro Varzea Careiro to Brown. With the end of the rains the animals are transported to other areas. In July of 2008 Mauritius entered a farm and collected a mushroom of the genus Psilocibec cubensis from the buffalo manure.

The spores of this strain where clean on agar and sectors of mycelium where isolated for 1 year to select the best growing mycelium on rice and corn.

The name is in reference to the site Teonanacatl.

Source: Pro-fungos

  1. entheogenetic says:

    Interesting strain!

    Received good quality spore print and delivery was fast. Can’t wait to contribute to the FSRE and give something back.

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