Jul 6, 2010


Syzygy was the name of a Spore vendor back in the early days. The person behind this company was apparent Terence Mckenna. Below is a copy of there advertisement in the book “Psilocybin: Magic Mushrooms Grower’s Guide” by Oss & Oeric.

A 25year old spore print originating from this company was reincarnated and these spores now circulate under the name “Syzygy”. This strain was first donated to the FSRE by Anand.

Syzygy advertisement scanned by FoolonFruity!

Syzygy by ZPcom user (zauberpilz.com)
  1. Sgt. Overkill says:

    Pretty thick mycelium, some really good rhizomorfic growth, overall extremely satisfied. Thanks FSRE and many thanks to the people that donate quality genetics.

  2. Syzygy is Amazonian in origin.

    Here’s the original ad that ran in High Times in the 80’s.

    “HIGHEST QUALITY MUSHROOM SPORES collected from Amazonian strains of STROPHARIA CUBENSIS (also known as Psilocybe Cubensis) are now available from: Syzygy. You will receive several million spores on a glass coverslide sealed in a plastic envelope for just $10.00 per sporeprint, plus $1.00 for shipping per order (Add 4% sales
    tax in Hawaii.) Offer void where prohibited.”

  3. Fearless Kicker of Ass says:

    Nice thick, clean mycelium, took 3 weeks to fully colonize my jars, small fruits with such heavy blue bruising that its almost black. Havent tried them yet though.

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