Oct 12, 2010


After 20 years of sleeping, the Redboy lives!
The red spore dropping trait is important in that it’s something that separates this strain from nearly all the others, providing a very unique specimen for any collection. Roger Rabbit crossed a  50/50 Redboy-PR back to the original 20 year old red spores, resulting in a 75% pure Redboy strain. Kudos to Roger for all his hard work in resurrecting this rare strain!

This strain was first sent to the FSRE by Adam.

Picture by Spec!

  1. Sgt. Overkill says:

    For the good peeps that donate:
    Remember to donate only the red spore prints from your batch! We want the red spore trait to continue so it’s important not to send the purple spores! :)

  2. PommesFrites says:

    My RB print arrived! Thank you FSRE! I will be making a donation in the short future.

  3. patcox says:

    Nice cubes! But quiete small, aren’t they?
    Have a nice day!

  4. Lostintranslation says:

    What is the best way to grow these and am I able to get them in the United states and what are my risks in doing so?

  5. SumDumGuy says:

    When a person receives a print of this strain it can be seen to be, similar to other cubes, a dark purple. However, if you look at the edge of the print where the spore count is less dense it can be seen that the spores are indeed reddish in color.
    In other words don’t expect this one to look like PF RedSpore. Instead enjoy it for what it is – very nice.

  6. Thank you fsr.
    I love this strain. It’s very fast colonization and fruiting with temperature between 23/28 C.
    For me it’s the most potent cube!


  7. stevenshroom says:

    What temp is ideal for fruiting for this strain?

  8. corpzz says:

    Actually it wasn’t crossed with “Mcphersonii fanaticus aka PF Redspore” strain but “Puerto Rico” strain witch allows for better isolation of Redboy genes then crossing with another redspore depositor.

    RogerRabbit said:
    After 20 years of sleeping, the RedBoy lives! A mycological Coup d’Etat had to be pulled off to get this mushroom back after 20 years. The spores would simply NOT germinate.

    Monokaryotic Puerto Rico mycelium was allowed to crawl over the non-germinating original 20 year old redboy spores in a petri dish, resulting in a 50/50 cross between the redboy spores and the PR mycelium, without the original spores ever germinating, which they were no longer capable of after 20 years.

    Rattlesnake venom was added to the agar after cooling to weaken both the cell walls of the spores, and the cell walls of the mycelium, allowing the nucleus from each to exchange genetic information between them. The experiment was duplicated with the offspring, resulting in a 75% pure strain, which was then released to the public.

    The result is a ‘cross’ between the original UNgerminated redboy spores and a cubensis from Puerto Rico. Even though this is a cross,(NOT hybrid since it’s two strains of the same species) you can clearly see the red color of the spores.


  9. futureplaces says:

    he got the print from Mcphersonii fanaticus aka PF Redspore now whether he crossed it i don know but i do know that he reicieved the red spore print from the batch that mcphersonii had after he was raided

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