Oct 12, 2010

Psilocybe cyanescens

This strain is for outdoor cultivation. The natural habitat is throughout the Pacific Northwest. It clusters in woody habitats, soils high in the tissue of deciduous trees and in tall rank grass.
These days this specie is also widely spread throughout the European continent.
It’s a medium to large sized mushroom with strong whitish stems. The size of the cap is 20 – 50 mm.

Standard spawn medium: Sawdust/bran or rye grain
Fruiting substrate: lots of different woodchips. It can also grow on newspapers and cardboard.
Temperature during colonization: 21 – 25 ° C
Temperature during cropping: 10 – 15 °C(day) & 5 – 10 °C (night)
Humidity: > 90%

  1. ursus arctos says:

    just arrived, thanks FSRE :) fast delivery

  2. praetorian says:

    I’d like a cyan print. How do you request one?

  3. hi i just got this spices and am very happy with it however i need to know where this was collected in order to fine tune my planed growing procedure
    also iv read that the european strain is a poor producer of psylicibin is this true?

  4. Latvian says:

    Dear Comunity,

    Will this strain grow on regular PF or do I need to use a different method.


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