Oct 12, 2010

PF Classic

This PF strain is no different strain that the normal PFClassic. However this strain has been cultivated from opprox. 1990 only on PF cakes (brf/verm) with no interruption of tissue culture.

In order to keep this strain clean we hope you only use them on brf/verm cakes as the PF style describes. Classic 90 prints are a kind of collectors items I think and thats how they are offered. In order to keep this strain 100% real we will place the returned 90 prints in the regular Classic stock.

This strain was donated by René of Perfect Fungi Europe. This stain is 100% Robert McPherson origional. So it is the one and only PFClassic from the one and only Mister PF.

Current status of this strain: In cultivation!

PFClassic byRené

  1. mr.yolo says:

    Please make this strain available once again, thank you. I had no idea about the brf/vermiculite history, let’s keep this real and going strong! RIP PF FANATICUS!!!

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