Oct 12, 2010


Ready for some drama and controversy :). This one has an interesting story behind it. A company out of Hawaii called Pacific Exotic Spora (PES) advertise this strain as a cubensis/azurescens hybrid. They even went so far as to claim it came from the mushroom master Paul Stamets himself. Well people, there has been a lot of azure/cub hybrid scams in the past, and to this day the experts such as P. Stamets have not published any information about being able to hybridize a p. azurescen with a p. cubensis. They are completly different species and this task would certainly be extremely difficult. I’m sure if anyone can do it, P. Stamets can, and hopefully one day he will. But until something is published, do not buy into it. This is nothing more then a very potent cubensis.

About a year ago when they started advertiseing this hybrid, a bunch of us pitched in to get a print of this (yes, that is how high there prices are :) and Xman grew it out and once again, a cub/azure hybrid was nothing more then a cubensis. -Clyde- has grown out all the cubs from PES, and found this the only one worth keeping.
PES (Pacific Exotic Spora)has been around for a while, and sells quite a few strains of cubs and panaeolus at a very very high price. We normally will not carry other strains that is unique to one company. But, since PES charges such a rediculous price for a print of this strain, we decided to go ahead and carry it and share with everyone because most ppl in Amsterdam will enjoy the extreme potency.
Ok, enough of the controversial babble, now lets get down to the fact of this strain. Our friend -Clyde- finds this to be one of the most blueing cubensis he has ever worked with. After cutting these with a blade, they turn dark blue within 2-3 seconds!! Most cubs, take about 10-20 seconds to start turning dark blue. And everyone we know that has tried them found them to be extremely potent as well. Perhaps this is why PES started calling them cub/azure hybrids since the p. azurescen is the most potent mushroom in the world.
So yes, the PESA is a VERY potent cub, but potency is not everything. It produces some very light caps, although large caps compared to small stems, and does tend to abort a lot. As you will see in the pics below if you look real close. It is a semi-fast colonizer, and fruits nicely in cold temps. So this mushroom does not utilize all of the substrate very well, but the mushrooms it does produce are just extremely potent and its a real good strain to add to your collection. Like I said, it was the only one of the PES strains we liked enough to keep. And its one of -Clyde’s- favorite strains, I think he is just impressed with the extreme speed of the blueing effect… so easily entertained (wink).
  1. myco1146 says:

    I’m not sure if it is just the spores I got(not from here) were not PESA or what, but I didn’t find mine to be really any more potent then any other P. Cubensis I have tryed. I might have to order a print from here to compare.

  2. Any idea when PESA prints will become available?. Extremely interested in studying this one. Thanks ;)

  3. Fearless Kicker of Ass says:

    Received the prints, cant wait till my jars are available again!

  4. J.George says:

    If potency is what you seek, look no further…. Nuff said

  5. i thought blueing was alkaloids oxidizing. its better not to have brusing right.

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