Jul 27, 2010


This strain was first donated to the FSRE by Ashes.

The FSRE is very happy to share this interesting cubensis strain from Pensacola, Florida. Be surprised by the appearance of this beauty. Growing fast with strong rhizomorphic mycelium, easy fruiting with short but massive fruits.

This strain is worth a try!!
Psilocybe cubensis
Pensacola by Weskes

Pensacola by Weskes (same Flush)

Psilocybe cubensis
Pensacola rhizomorphs (picture by Sativa)

  1. zulutron says:

    GeT iT, Got It, GoOd!

    Thank you!!! I love you guys! I can’t wait to return the favor. The best simply the best….

  2. magickfive says:

    i love the way they Rip !

  3. how well does it spore print it looks like it should do good from all the spore shadows on the lower caps.

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