Oct 12, 2010

Penis Envy

One look says more then words.
Penis Envey by Smiling Mushroom
  1. i have shooting star, can we swap :D?

  2. britenite says:

    had this strain 4 years ago. One of the most powerful cubensis strains I ever had

  3. Flaming Inspiration IL says:

    Hey you!
    is there any chance you can donate some prints of this strain so i can stop envying?
    You might get a free T-Shirt :)

    look here : http://fsre.nl/?page_id=144

    P.S. Here is a pic i found online and i suspect its PE

  4. auronlives69 says:

    will fsre accept swabs instead of spore prints for this hard to print variety?

  5. dinosaurwithahat says:

    To be honest, I don’t envy those shrooms. I would NOT like my penis to look like any of those ;)

  6. STIKAROUND says:

    I cant wait until I can study these spores under a microscope lol :)

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