Oct 12, 2010

Penis Envy #6

Shroomery veteran RogerRabbit, “Crossed a standard PE with the Tex strain.” The result was PE 6.

RogerRabbit’s efforts were an attempt to create a PE strain which produced more spores… but the spores were accidentally released too early… when a few prints were unintentionally mailed out, in a stack of other prints.

Here’s how RogerRabbit says PE 6 came to be.

“A single sector fruiting isolate of PE, and another of TEX were placed on a petri dish with rattlesnake venom added to the agar. The snake venom helped the two dikaryotic strains share genetic information to form a third sector, which was which was labeled PE6. Other Isolates of the PE were labeled PE 1-7, and apparently, some of the 6, which was the cross, were in the same batch of prints. The idea was to get a good spore producing PE, but I never had time to stabilize the strain due to accidentally releasing it early. That’s why sometimes they look like texans and sometimes very much like PE.”

PE 6 looks like a cross between Penis envy and Texans. The fruits often have LARGE caps, which open fully, unlike classic PE. They also produce spores. While the stems look quite a bit like PE. Thick and textured. Like little logs.

RogerRabbit confirms this description: “the caps that opened fully have fewer spores like PE, and they have the same gnarly stems too. Only the caps seem to be bigger and to open all the way.”

Picture by Emanuel Pilz

  1. Myco_Jordan420 says:

    Hi fsre. I have sent in my donation. Hope to hear back soon.. can’t wait. I will be sending back many prints.. even some you seem to be out of. Some of which I am currently isolating.

  2. biged says:

    I gotta try pe6!

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