Oct 12, 2010

Panaeolus Tropicalis

It is believed The Panaeolus Tropicalis originated from the Hawaiian Islands and was carried over to S. Fork Florida on Pinapple ships years ago and became a native to certain areas of Florida. It grows in the wild on old dung in tall grass.. and those that are fortunate enough to find or legally grow this very potent treasured species of Panaeolus are certainly blessed.
It will be fruited much easier by those that have some good experience with growing mushrooms from straw.. dung.. and/or compost….. it will not fruit like your typical cubensis or from mmgg/pf style cakes.
Pan Trop

Souce: http://www.thehawkseye.com

  1. darkpsyjaxon says:

    hi today i become my print for study, is PT pan-tropicalis?

  2. i need this in my greenhouse! they are so pretty!

    is ther no chance of getting a print of these anywhere else if not in stock?


  3. this strain needs reserected!

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