Oct 12, 2010

Panaeolus cambodginiensis “Goliath”

This strain comes from Thailand, Suphanburi.

He got the nickname “Goliath” because of his large appearance!

Panaeolus “Goliath” by FoolonFruity

  1. oknarbo says:

    I received my pan goliath at the end of may or beginning of june. Very fast and good packed. I say that because an hour after mailman put it in my mailbox it started to heavy and i mean HEAVY rain. The spores were fine. I couldnt start to work right away because summer was coming along and i had couple of gigs and a few festivals to attend. So i started at the end of august – my first batch got ruined (they always do when I use straw i dunno why) but then i got my second, massive batch without straw and yesterday i put first few trays in their warm and moist new bed and now am awaiting for the results – i hope will be enough to pay back for the fsre favour.

  2. funkymonk22 says:

    got my goliath print yesterday..thankyou guys! this is a great service and i will send you back some love soon

  3. darkpsyjaxon says:

    hey tommorrow i send my letter to you withn order+donation, reserve a print 4me pls… NEEEEEEEEEEED

  4. funkymonk22 says:

    Im excited to get this strain..sent in my envelope about a week ago. Any clue how long to get to the north west united states?

  5. crisgee says:

    Im totally looking Forward to get a print of These
    Thanks to fsre.nl
    Good Job
    <3 & Peace

  6. josephsen says:

    is it possible to et a print of these?

  7. ooo i want some of these am i able to ?

  8. crisgee says:

    To the community for sure…

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