Oct 12, 2010


All the way from India, an EXTREMELY large growing cubensis that spawned from elephant dung has blessed us all. This strain of cubensis has to be one of the largest growing anyone has seen. Originally brought to us my entheomycologist John Allen, once again a big thanks John, this one really rocks the boat.

Ever seen dinner plate sized mushrooms? Even on simple rice cakes in Amsterdamn this one grows some rather large mushrooms.
-Clyde- and his fellow Amsterdam growers have seen some mixed results from this one as well. Although something so large comes with a small price, at times its rather unstable when taken from the dung fields to the grow shops of Amsterdam. The Amsterdam growers tells us although the first flushes at times can be unstable, the rest are outstanding and produce these monster mushrooms like they have never seeen.

The Indian cubensis also grows around most green mold like its nothing. They continue to flourish around green mold like Oyster mushrooms do. I guess it must be something in the elephant dung that has helped this mushroom develop and immunity to most green mold (trichodermia) The more -Clyde- has worked with it the better it gets.

Colonizing speed is average, potency is extreme for a cub from the feedback we got from the Amsterdam coffee shops and the locals in India.

Orrisa from HawkEye
  1. 50m3th1n9ichy says:

    I would LOVE an up close and personal view of these! would anyone happen to have a print of these available?

  2. KlaypexDelusion says:

    Just send 2€ for this spores =)
    Heard freat things a bouth them. Can’t wait to get them…

  3. ShroomerX says:

    I’ve got a syringe of “Orissa” from a friend and I have to say:
    This strain is awesome, I love it! It’s very easy to grow, colonize faster than B+ ore Ecuador. And has a high resistance against contaminations. The mycelium is very rhizomorphic and thick. Some of the mushrooms are giant and it flushes again and again (some of my casings six times).

    This is the best cubensis Strain I ever hat. Yesterday I sanded some prints to the ring.


  4. Fearless Kicker of Ass says:

    Yihaw, received my spore print today! Will definately send prints back for other people to watch under their microscope! But first I just might enjoy them in my caleidoscope. Sterilising some stuff now for the first time, exciting!

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