Oct 12, 2010

Oak Ridge

Question FSRE:
Dear jeetered, what can you tell me about the Oak Ridge strain?

Answer jeetered:
I found the wild specimen of Oak Ridge, took the print in the field. And sent the print to Amos.

He’s grown it out, and sent you prints, as where he is, that’s a legal thing to do.
Oak Ridge by Amos
Oak Ridge by Amos

I found this strain growing wild, 5 miles west of Y12 nuclear weapons complex, in Oak Ridge, Tennessee 37830 USA, growing gregariously and singular in equine dung and surrounding enriched soils. Oak Ridge, TN 37830 USA,  is where the atom bombs were built that “ended” world war II. “the secret city”
  1. SitusiSetuno says:


  2. madman27 says:

    Does anybody got some informations of psylocybin and psylocin content in those shrooms?
    i realy want to know that please answer :)

  3. Luger0815 says:

    I think the “strange coloring” is just caused by the spores.
    They are looking realy beautifull, nice job Amos!
    And thanks to “jeetered” for the good hunt.

  4. strange coloring?

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