Nov 1, 2015

Moby Dick

During the development crossing the Cambodian x Golden Teacher, lab technologists discovered the special Albino mushroom. After nearly two years of cross-breeding and an arduous selection process, the Moby Dick strain was finally ready for all to enjoy! The Moby Dick was introduced by Azarius and made available as a ‘Ready-to-Grow’ Kit

The Moby Dick is a cross between the Psilocybe strains Albino A+ and Golden Teacher and one of the most interesting aspects is the lack of pigment in the mushrooms. As you can see in the pictures, this strain forms shrooms that are colossal and completely white from top to bottom.

The first harvest is likely to contain a lot of medium-sized mushrooms, but the following flushes you’ll see a few really big ones, earning this strain the iconic name ‘Moby Dick’. Another noteworthy difference with other strains is the early tearing of the caps (at the same time the ring under the cap ruptures) meaning if you want to preserve the beautiful outward appearance, we advise to harvest a bit earlier.

Source: Azarius


  1. It would be awesome if someone could send spores back asap – I was really hoping to be able to view this strain under the microscope!!! ;)

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