Oct 12, 2010

Mexican Dutch King

Picture by Mycotake

  1. holgatha says:

    an awsome strain!

    took 3 weeks to colonize pf-cakes,mostly medium-sized fruits on pf-cakes, not spectacular so far..spectacular, that some cakes made up to 8th flush when dunked for 24h. most spectacular is their potency: incredible high content of psilocin/psilocybin!they dont turn to blue when hurt, they turn black!!! so far the most powerful cubensis I know, with exactly as sillycone said a very visual and smooth journey!

    prints coming soon!

    thanx to fsre for this great project!


  2. Hello can i send the 2 EURO fron México? I really want some spores its dificult and expensive to get them here in the middle of the city of Puebla… please :)

  3. punkdropout says:

    Hi, I ordered this a week or 2 ago, how long does it usually take to get to the UK?
    I cant wait to grow some and send you the prints (and start collecting others!).
    If I send back 10 or more prints, can I request several more strains? I am more than happy to send 10+ prints of every Cubensis I grow as a thanks to this great community!

    Looking forward to getting started, I already have everything ready to go!

  4. Fast, aggressive colonizer. Very rhizomorphic, even from MS and bruising very dark blue, almost black. Thanks FSRE!

  5. SillyCone says:

    Received a few weeks ago, in only 2 weeks after sending the order.
    Terrific service, FSRE !

    The print was very dark, lots of spores, made 4 seringes with visible spores in them and some liquid culture and there’s still quite some left. The batch was dated december 2010.

    It’s currently in the process of making new prints to send back to you ;)
    Will report here with more info about the strain when it’s done.

    • SillyCone says:

      WBS jars colonized in 1.5 weeks, bulk substrate about the same time (straw/coir/hpoo/verm).
      While colonizing bulk, the MDK is VERY rhyzomorphic.
      First flushes bring loads of medium sized fruits.

      All in all, very fast and productive strain, even from MS. Very understandable why it was grown for smartshops ;)

  6. mrshroom says:

    hello guys,whats do u mean with pretty fast?? 1 and a half weeks? odr faster? or slower ? :) sorry im new here and i have a lot of question ;) greets from switzerland :)

  7. magicsparks says:

    colonizing pretty fast

  8. no info huh.

    • According to Ralphster:
      Rumor has it, that the original prints of this strain came from the same Mexican shrooms sold in many coffee houses abroad. If true, this would explain this strains prolific fruiting under a wide variety of conditions. You will have to judge for yourself.

      According to Shroomery.org: There is little other info available about the origins of this cube, or any unique characteristics. It seems to be an average cube. If you have fond memories of Amsterdam coffee shop cubes, or wish to go on a trip to Amsterdam some day, perhaps Mex Dutch King is worth a look.

      • SillyCone says:

        It is a very visual strain with very low bodyload. One of my favorite cubensis, both in cultivation and journey (between MDK, Cambo, PF Red Spore, Penis Envy and PESA)

        It is also quite fast in colonizing any type of grain and substrate, and I’ve had up to 7 flushes from a single cake with simple dunks in between, or even casing afterwards with coir kept humid… I even had huge fruits outside during the summer. And all that was from MS, no isolates or clones were even used.

        A great strain to start with for sure !

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