Oct 12, 2010


Another fantastic cubensis from Mexico is this strain picked around Mazatapec Mexico. For those of you into the spiritual side of mushrooms, I’m sure you will enjoy this one a lot, as the rabbi has always noticed mushrooms from Mexico tend to deliver a very powerfull spiritual journey.
Mazatapec by Anand
  1. I ordered this strain on March 18th. I really hope it’s gonna be here in Czech republic in a short time.Gonna send some prints back,if it arrives.

  2. Mr.Zabos says:

    It took 5 weeks and Im in El Salvador, Central América. Im so grateful! The mycellium is growing! I’ll send some prints as soon as I get the mushrooms. Am I the only salvadorean here in FSRE?

  3. Nice print, first grow, recently harvested a second flush , awesome strain to grow.
    FSRE rocks, i will send back some prints as soon as i have a decent amount !!!


  4. this is the one that id looking for, sweeeet!

  5. alberplant says:

    Is this Psilocybe Mazatecorum? = Psilocybe Caerulescens or common named derrumbe in aztec earth.

  6. torres says:

    1 dolar = 1 sample ??

  7. J.George says:

    very good strain!!! higher dosage needed (when compared to other cubes), but deffinently worth it. relaxing, good vibes

    • Strikersixx says:

      Wait.. higher? you mean lower. There seems to be some contradictive info regarding dose, but no matter what people will say you need half as much, or you need more.

  8. Great strain! Takes a bit longer than others to colonize but worth it. Love the spriritual journeys.

  9. Willebaldo says:

    You should correct the name of this strain to “Mazatec”
    Mazatecs refers to the group of indigenous people who share the habitad with this species of magic mushrooms, and I know this because I’m a mazatec.

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