Oct 12, 2010

Keepers Creeper

This mushroom arrived us by The Little Guy. We won a print in a nice contest on the Shroomery. So our first genetic material came from BoxTop from TLG and was won in a contest.The original Creeper comes from Keeper. Also an  resource for prints, however the most expensive one on this globe.  Personally I do not believe in his fantasie stock with fantasie hybrides and exclusive prices. We offer the Creeper and the Z-strain for only € 2,–.

Creepers by DreaMaTrix
Keepers Creepers by DreaMaTrix
  1. Lucubensis says:

    How can I know wich strains are avaliable? When I ask for them, there is a limit of types that I can get? Cause actually I’m about to ask for some for me but also for some friends, so we were thinking about choosing some different ones that we find the best to grow. We’re sendng a bit of a contribution too (:

  2. greenbeans920 says:

    Would love a print of this ! Thanks !

  3. Hi,:-)
    My letter arrived today,pretty fast :-)First try
    Will send some back,have also nice ”mexicans” to send in!
    U are great thank you:-)
    Greetings M.

  4. HCLivess says:

    Extreme potency. Be advised.

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