Nov 6, 2011

Panaeolus cyanescens “Jamaican”

Pretty fast colonizing strain, especially on dung/straw mixed with birdseed. You will need experience with growing mushrooms and working with straw and dung/compost for getting a harvest with this nice strain. It won’t fruit with PF-Tek like Cubensis. Here one technique with what I have pretty nice crops:

You need:
good soil with organic fertilizers in it
toilet paper roll

First let the hay/straw and the birdseed soak with water over night. Next day simmer it about half an hour and then let it cool and drip down another 30 mins. Now mix the soil with the (cutted) hay/straw and fill the cultivation vessel about 1cm. Put the roll in it and fill it with the birdseed, then outside the roll soil. Remove the roll and put another layer of soil on it. After sterilizing, innoculate in the birdseed.

Incubation temperature: 25°C – 28°C
Primordia: 20°C – 23°C
Pinning: 22°C – 24°

Picture by Deidara_Mush

  1. Is this one still avaliable? thanks

  2. blackjack says:

    man i wish to have this print noone have eny more

  3. TheDeathryder says:

    They’re still cultivated quite successfully using bulk and modified PF Tek methods. PF Tek works great for these guys as long as you add some poo to the jar. A 1:1:1:1 ration of water, verm, brf, and poo has been proven effective. Proffessorpinhead has a post on this on the shroomery.

  4. blueprince says:

    Wow, these look beautiful. No one cultivating anymore..?

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