Oct 12, 2010


This strain has a very interesting history. This strain is collected in a little village in Mexico: Huautla de Jimenez.
Huautla de Jimenez was the hometown of Maria Sabina. She was a mushroom shaman. Bob Dylan, John Lennon and a lot of other famous people traveled to this place to witness and experience a ritual with her. She died in 1985 and is since then a legend in- and outside Mexico.
Also the sight of the mushroom is very beautiful. The mushroom has a very unique shaped cap. The mushroom can become pretty tall with very thin whitish stems.
Standard spawn medium: Rye grain
Fruiting substrate: Rye grain, pasteurized wheat straw, leached horse or cow manure.
Temperature during colonization: 28 – 30 ° C
Temperature during cropping: 22 – 26 ° C
Humidity: > 90%

Other info
The Huautla strain of Psilocybe cubensis is a recent collection from the wilds of southern Mexico in the region of Oaxaca near the village of Huautla de Jimenez. Huautla de Jimenez has gained notoriety as the hometown of mushroom shaman Maria Sabina.
This strain was collected by club99 in the end of July, 2001 growing on a pasture land, into the grass. Interestingly is was not seen growing directly on dung.

Mushrooms are tall and thin and have a uniquely shaped cap.

  1. Akiva_lysergic says:

    I’ve gotten a few prints from you guys previously.
    I got a print for these elsewhere, but i’ve got these babies fruiting today, So i will be sure to send over a whole bunch of prints very soon to share the love!
    Thanks FSRE.

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