Jul 4, 2010

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Use Foil to make a spore print!
All regular made spore prints are welcome. Everybody seems to have a favourite printing tek which works out the best for him/her. For those of you who just don’t have a favourite printing tek or don’t mind which tek to use we request you to make your prints on aluminium foil such as described below. This to created a kind of spore printing standard for the Free Spore Ring Earth.

Simple print tek:
The photos below show a very simple print tek. You can vary in the in the equipment you use. As you can see I used petris to cover the prints. A simple glass can even work better. The situation on the photos is unsterile, you have to work as sterile as you can.

Extra information which can help you on your approach to a perfect print

- When the foil leaves the oven (photo 8), you have to start working sterile.

– Work fast and as sterile as you can.

– Wearing gloves during the whole proces makes that you don’t leave fingerprints on the foil.

- Provide yourself a clean and draft free working area.

– Makes sure you are clean (hair, face, arms, mouth, arms, cloths, ……) and keep clean during the proces.

– Make sure your equipment is sterile and keep them that way.

– Practise all the motions before you really start printing, this will surely help.

– If you can use sterile latex gloves and use a dustmask (I have heard of people using a snorkel to redirect their breath).

– When replacing the cover (photo 16) I like to use a new, sterile and dry cover. This will help the print to dry.

– After cleaning the working area and the surface is still a little moist you can easely stick aluminium foil to it (photo 14 & 16).

– Fresh bought ziplocks are sterile inside.

– When you are finished printing feel free to send the FSRE some prints.

– Not all glass will survive a pre-heated oven. Warming & cooling glass slowly is a safer way to work.

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