Jul 6, 2010

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About requesting:
We’d like to ask your attention for the following before requesting; Please, spend some time on preparing your request-envelop before sending it out to us. Many times we receive a request were the 2 Euro’s are missing because it was noticed by the mailman and pulled out, or the used envelop isn’t sealed. It’s your responsibility to make a good prepared request, we now no longer answer requests with missing coins or a missing return-envelop. Our advice is to use the best envelops you can get and make a proper packed request before mailing it!

And again we don’t accept coins other than Euro’s. Because we can’t exchange coins from other currencies and there for non- Euro coins are useless here in the Netherlands. We prefer US-$ paper money if Euro’s are not available!

For discreteness we do not put our address as a return address on the request envelop.
No addresses are kept, so no records!!!   We use priority stamps to speed up delivery.
Our address is also mentioned on our contact page.
We reserve the right to substitute with an alternate strain if your choices are unavailable.

Note Don’t send multiple envelops, only 1 request for 1 print per month !!
NoteTape your 2 Euro’s on a piece of cardbox and put this in the return envelope!!
Note Be sure the return letter is provided with your clearly & complete
written/printed address!!

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