Oct 12, 2010

Golden Teacher

This classic strain has been in circulation for quite a few years now and we’ve always been pleased with it’s performance on cased grain and riceflour cakes. Even under less than optimal conditions this strain is able to produce an adundance of medium to large sized mushrooms.

Although it is not as fast fruiting as the more slender stemmed Equador and Cambodia strain the size of the fruitbodies more than makes up for this. Fruitbodies in later flushes can get massive in size.

The name ‘Golden Teacher’ refers to the golden color of the caps and stems and the way it teaches people about spore microscopy.

Growth parameters
Fruiting substrate: Grain, compost, pasteurised dung & straw, riceflour cakes
Spawn substrate: Grain
Colonisation temperature: 28-30°C
Cropping temperature: 23-26°C

(Source: www.mushmush.nl)

This is a wonderful and unique strain that produces very large fruitbodies that are considered to be very potent for a P.cubensis strain. It’s ability to produce larger than normal fruitbodies is balanced by it’s limited number that it yields.

However, the overall yield ends up equal since one of these GTs can grow larger than 3 or 4 other P.cubensis strains fruitbodies. GT’s tend to be a little picky when finding a good mate after inoculation which could result in some uncolonized jars of substrate, but once it finds a good match then it will be a very good one that you can count on producing impressive text-book quality fruitbodies that are larger than usual in size.

It’s worth mentioning that these GTs are some of the best mushrooms to be experienced by those interested in their innate qualities.

Golden Teacher by ?

  1. Spores available? Australia ? :)

  2. KabuteSith says:

    Is spore prints of this available today, April 2017?

  3. mcmikkej says:

    hello i need spores funland thanks and peace and love

  4. Hi fsre, I received my prints, thank you fpor your service, soon I can do a prints I will ship to you.

    Fast and good

    Thank you

  5. dan_yorke says:

    Hello. I’ve just received my print from FSRE after several weeks. I thought it was lost in the mail or something.

    Thank You. I’m really excited about it.

    Is there anyone else from Mexico?

  6. blackjavan says:

    Has anyone had any luck growing this in popcorn tek? Corn is is a grain (spawn substrate) but as a new researcher I’d like to know if anyone has had any success with this combo.

  7. narutouzumaki says:

    Received in 2 weeks from send, to my hand, with few good words from FSRE, Thank You very much, My Mush-Buddy’s ;)At least, today i have some time to study with my Golden Budda’s, so wait for results, expect in next month some of my Strains. Spread the word, and greetenings from poland.

  8. Kabeer666 says:

    Got it today. But even though Golden teacher is available in the strain list. I got B+. Will send another request in some time along with some B+ spore prints.

  9. Kabeer666 says:

    Posted the request from India on 6th December and still waiting for it to return. Has someone ever ordered from India? I think I am the first person to do so…How long will it take to arrive in India?

  10. RadomirB says:

    Are this spores available right now in Europe, or in Serbia. If not any other strain?

  11. serbofung13 says:

    i must say that i got a almost blank follil of a gt print,i looked and after 10 seconds i realized that there is a micro black spot,gave aggar a try hope for the best.an for the donator,you suck dude!

    • gogozli says:

      Same happened to me.Recived it in may and when I saw the print I felt bad,cause I wanted GT strain,but after I succeeded to grow liquid mycelium.
      Thanks again,FSRE!!!

    • Same happened to me, what I received could not be considered a print at all. I would of never give such a poor quality print like the one away. Disappointed.

    • Same happened to me, what I received could not be considered a print at all. I would of never give such a poor quality print like that away. Disappointed. Half of what I innoc. Did grow some mycelium so I will be sending a few prints back to FSRE when ready

  12. Coracoideus says:

    Any strains/prints left? Would be in a very big need for those.. :)

  13. Very good strain! Took me 4 weeks from inoculation to harvest with a monotub. A strain you MUST add your collection!

    • I did another monotub project and was printing some GT caps. I was quite excited to see that some of the spores were also golden colored. It is kinda strange but I’m assuming this could be a slight mutation. Nature is amazing.

  14. Do you think i could get a print? I can possibly send one back :)

  15. biogrower says:

    thanks to all this greay staff !
    i received my order yesterday. the strains seems ro be “golden coast”, is it the same than “golden teacher”? i cant find it in the list… Anyway, thanks a lot!

  16. DamienThorn says:

    I growed 3x casings from GT spores last year. Take few prints and 2 clones to LC and mycelium grows nice. Next time when cultivating trying those clone mycelium. (Maybe trying isolate rhizomorphic growth finally after 8 years with agar.)

  17. tmcniven says:

    Hey guys would love some spores.. I had my first try of these wisdom shrooms about a month ago and WoW! they were fantastic, if any1 can find it in there heart to help a newbie hobbiest out with some spores of anysort (phsycadelicly speaking) Thant would b great. thanks

  18. Hello

    Spores are legal in Puerto Rico?

  19. crotchjophes42 says:

    I really want to check these out… You guys will be hearing from me real soon. Oh & by the way, you are doing an excellent job & being the type of people that the world needs more of. Thanks again, Jophes

  20. Wonderful strain. It’s one of older ones and a very popular for a reason. It’s highly domesticated and I only grew a few cubes but this one was wonderfully easy to pick from the substrate. I never thought that’s important quality but once you try them you will love it.

  21. jorge vazquez says:

    i send my money i hope you resive it very soon.
    sorry abaut my english i´ speak spanish and i need practise

  22. d3adm0nk3y says:

    Big thx !

    Peace ;)

  23. So would a regular PF tech work for this if I needed to grow for research?

  24. GraveDigger says:

    Damn O.o What substrate is that on the picture O.o and What casing size ?? Can Anybody guess it ? I think it may be Horse manure ….

  25. ignasrulez says:

    i received this one on my birthday . thnx FSRE :DDD

  26. soldier187 says:

    please help me i want spores but i dont know where to send de euro en stuff please help me

  27. Hello!

    Can i sand you a € for free spores, becaus i can not get it in Slovenia.

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