Sep 7, 2013

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FSRE T-Shirts

Support our project by buying a FSRE T-Shirt or get one for free by donating prints!

Gray shirt or long sleeve with two color print:




The prices include shipping and package, and are as follows:


The Netherlands = 15,- Euro
Europa = 18,- Euro
World = 18,- Euro

Or for FREE if you donate 40x P. cubensis prints or 20x Panaeolus prints! (To get this offer we only accept proper prints!)

Long Sleeve: -limited stock-

The Netherlands = 20,- Euro
Europa = 25,- Euro
World = 25,- Euro

Free offer not available for Long Sleeve!

  • Available sizes Shirt: -S- -M- -L- -XL-
  • Available sizes Long Sleeve: -S- -M- -L- -XL-

Shirt Size chart:

Sizes in cm
A: Chest
B: Body

Long Sleevet Size chart:

Sizes in cm
A: Chest
B: Body

You can also order a shirt by mail or by email. If you choose to order it by mail, simply send an envelope with money to our P.O. Box. If you prefer to pay by bank transfer you’ll have to send me an email. Don’t forget to mention the preferred size!!

Feedback on our shirts is always welcome!!

  1. DaddySpanky says:

    Hi are your shirts still in stock? Also are yall still trading prints :) ?

  2. Plasmachine says:

    Wow…. I really love the design. I’ll definitely be ordering a few. Any chance you will be coming out with a line of hoodies?

  3. Aigresil says:

    I want to see the next T-Shirts!!! :P

  4. Hi. This t-shirt is just amazing. My mom love it :) Just get it and I`m want to thank You.

    T. Hanks

  5. M_shroom says:

    I see that the logo on the t-shirt spells Free Spore Ring Europe. Do you have an updated version with Free Spore Ring Earth?

    • FSRE Staff says:

      That is correct, the original design was made in 2009 and used again as it still is the most popular design among our users. There is no updated version!

  6. Transjuicer says:

    Are there still t-shirts available at this time? (size L)

  7. hi guys, idlike to ask if i can ask for a tshirt and spore print in the same time, like if i send 2 euro for print and 13 for shirt (living in London), basically 15 together, and expect shirt and print at ones ;) thanx, have a great day

  8. cli_hlt says:

    Warm greetings to the designer! :) (We’ve met at the S.U.N. festival ;) )

  9. Aigresil says:

    I want to know if there will be more brown shirts, because i wanted to donate x40 P.cubensis prints… but i’m still waiting for your response in the emails that i sent, because i don’t know if is possible to donate the 40 prints in one letter/package…

  10. minzurka says:

    Good afternoon. Can be ordered in Minsk. Belarus?

  11. Psybot says:

    Are there no hoodies in m anymore? Is it possible to get one? :(

  12. Hi Guyz! Are you planning to re-print the white one? Because i collect these 40 prints for a long time and now i see that this t-shirt is out of stock;(

  13. breadinator says:

    Hey Guys

    Are you going to get those brown and yellow shirts again?


  14. billi1717 says:

    Are T-shirts still available to buy? Cuz I want to avoid disappointment and loose my money. Is it possible to receive as well prints with the T-shirt (of course I will add 1euro coin too).

  15. 0enchave says:

    Hi, im new in shroom world, i’m willing to buy 2 tshirts but im from venezuela, do you ship to my country? also would you send me some spores with the t shirts?

  16. ChromeCrow says:

    awesome shirts.. i would get one but need a XXl :-(

  17. FSRE Staff says:

    We have send out a order for new shirts this week, so thy are at the printer. We hope to offer the new batches in the coming two weeks.

    There will be a re-print of the white shirt with black print and the black shirt with orange print! I’ll keep you all up to date!

  18. Hypnotoad says:

    Do you perhaps know when new shirts will be available?
    I’m sure we’re all anxiously awaiting them!

  19. swi3tlik says:

    I’m interested to buy a brown t-shirt in size L or XL. Is it already known when will be available?


  20. bidibulle says:

    i want one if possible ;-)

  21. bidibulle says:

    so butifull !

  22. d3adm0nk3y says:

    I want a white t- shirt :D

  23. CopernicanShift says:

    I really like the white one, Why limit it to a size small?

    It would also be nice to see the currency in U.S Dollars as well.

    Any chance at getting a Large?

    • FSRE Staff says:

      The other sizes are already out of stock, sorry!

      We are planning new shirts soon. But I can’t say when? It can take 1 month or 2 months from now!

      I hope you understand!

      • nancicunha says:

        Dear Staff,

        I would like to buy then can you tell me how it works? Do I send to the same address that i have?

        thank you so much


        • FSRE Staff says:

          Hi, Thank you for your interest in our shirts.

          You can order them by sending cash by mail or email us for a bank wire-transfer. Address information can be found on our contact page!

          FSRE Staff.

  24. Looking good!

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