Oct 12, 2010


Originated from a wild Florida P. cubensis. Isolation was carried out and ended with a cloned fruit. All F+ lineages come from this clone.

The strain is very aggressive and colonises most substrates in exceptional time. F+ has even been fruited from wood chips. Like most cubensis, F+ does best on horse and cow dung. The mycelium of F+ is predominantly tomentose to intermediately linear, although it can grow very rhizomorphically under certain conditions. Despite the predominate tomentose growth, F+ usually pins prolifically.

The fruits from this strain have the ability to grow rather large.

Defining characteristics of this strain include: mycelial spots on cap, symmetrical caps, mycelial growth well along the stem, and an umbilicate cap.

Joshua who isolated this strain hopes that all will enjoy it and that it will be spread to mycologists throughout the world.

  1. MONOGON says:

    I found this strain to have slow colonization and little fruiting.

    It was grown in the same terrarium as the Cambodian strain. The casing box with F+ had just a few mushrooms, while the Cambodian was packed.

    Sadly, the casing was contaminated, so there were only one flush. Perhaps it fruits better in the second flush.

  2. once i have grown this strain i will send you guys some more prints, since i see it’s out of stock now


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