Oct 12, 2010


This particular strain comes from 3500+ feet up in the Ecuador mountains in the beautiful Andes.

This mushroom has become very popular, as it grows very easy as well. It produces some very nice golden color mushrooms, and grows very easily on a variety of substrates. It has been deemed by many to be one of the most beautiful, picture perfect cubs out there. Its colonizing speed is average, but it produces an abundance of nice big healthy mushrooms. Usually averaging 4″-9″ depending on how they are grown. This mushroom also tends to grow some rather thick stems and large caps.

It has been around for a while, and is accustomed to about any subsrate dung loving mushrooms will thrive on.

It performs very well indoors proving a high tolerance for less than ideal grow space conditions.

[ Ecuador from The Hawk’s Eye ]

  1. just sending a request from Indonesia today, I hope it’ll arrived save & sound to Netherland.
    will comment here again asap after recived the spore to get to know how long it’ll take from here to there and here again.

  2. charmed1 says:

    I was surprised how quickly this strain colonized! Looking forward the the fruiting. Thanks!

  3. Using FSRE, just sent my letter from Uruguay. Looking forward to the reply!

  4. spotted hyena says:

    my first strain! <3 probably the best i ever cultivated, big fruits (especially outside), high potency and beautiful looking mushrooms! pretty resistant to temperature drops and mold, a "must have" for beginners!

  5. I received today. Week 2. Thank fsre . Peace

  6. Two weeks ago I ordered, I look forward to. Hungarian

  7. First times used FSRE and it worked! Thank you!

  8. endre84 says:

    First time using FSRE, just sent my letter from Norway. Cant wait!

  9. Altan says:

    Tried this strain about 2 months ago for the first time. Great strain for beginners. Average colonization time and fruits can get really big! Definitely worth a try.


  10. Hey FSRE Staff! I have recently sent you a small donation with a couple of prints. Hope they are going to reach their destination. Would be nice if you could leave a short reply to let me know whether you received my letter.

    best regards

  11. rulettsh says:

    hey guys, received my print(s) yesterday! wasn’t expecting but just one print, but got two, and rest assured, love will be shared :)

    cheers from Finland!

  12. Java Princess says:

    Waiting for my delivery…

  13. Arrived today,thank you very,very much FSRE. :)

  14. Ahti93 says:

    Possible delivery? (:

  15. hoping for delivery?!

  16. Very quick delivery. Thanks FSRE! :)

  17. thanks…..arrived yesterday :D

  18. shroomzi8 says:

    my fave with out a doubt.

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