Oct 26, 2010

Colombian Rust Spore

Strain Origin: Strain Origin: Colombia, South America

Cap: Pale brown to yellowish brown with remnants of universal veil present as small whitish spots.

Stem: Yellowish, mostly solid with only a small hollow central channel, bluing only slightly and belatedly with damage. Membranous partial veil.

Gills: Attachment adnate to adnexed, yellowish, becoming brown with spore maturity.

Spores: Clay brown to reddish brown in deposit. Flash photography dramatically enhances the red coloration of a spore print on foil (see inset image below) but in ambient light the spores appear more brownish than red.

Comments: A mutated strain with brownish spores instead of the normal dark purplish-black color. The PF Redspore strain has identically colored spores but with abnormal carpophores. Original print provided by grod31.

Source: Sporeworks.com

Picture by Emanuel Pilz

  1. Kaligula_ker says:

    Hi all, ty FSRE, my print just arrived today after 7 weeks. On letter is a seal `MISSENT TO THAILAND`:P. Tnx a lot, i will sent prints after cultivation!!!

  2. rumepowat says:

    Just got some of this, super excited to start viewing

  3. psilocybi says:

    looks yummy

  4. i know this is colombian rust spore but since i cant visit the costa rica strain i might just say it here, i have a print of costa rica spores and i would be happy to donate some prints form my flushes… and mostly because i want to se what costa rica looks like on the microscope ;)
    sharing is carrying.

  5. i every one! i’m from Argentina, you can send me some strain if i send you the letter? is 1 euro? thnxs!

  6. jorge vazquez says:


  7. mrshroom says:

    verry nice :) a wonder of nature ;)

  8. DanNight says:

    Przyjazna. Baaaardzo przyjazna.

    Friendly. Veeeery friendly.


  9. champifree3357 says:

    ha itsz good

  10. nellybell says:

    nice flush. inoculating a 3 lb spawn bag with some columbian rust today, hope mine looks as nice.

  11. chouettechampi says:

    so beautifull…

  12. fsre kasper says:

    great strain!!


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