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Sep 18, 2014


Dear one and all,

Since the re-opening this month our P.O.Box is stuffed full of requests every day. It’s good to know you all like our project and that you are preparing yourself for the coming winter months. The winter months are a good period to focus on indoor projects and based on the amount of requests we receive, many of you are going to do so. Let’s hope this winter will give of a lot of fruits and prints of course! ;)

However, this amount of requests is affecting the processing time and causes a delay. So, we kindly like to ask everyone to be patient, we are working on it! No worries, every request that reaches our P.O.Box will be processed in time, we are sorry for any inconvenience, we do our best to keep up. And please do not email us in regard to your request, as we do not keep track on each and every request we received.

Peace to the world,

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Sep 2, 2014

We are back!!

Dear fellowship of the Ring,

We are back from our Summer-Break and ready to provide you with our service!

We like to thank the people who helpt the Ring rebuild the print library with their generous donations during the summer break. Thank you! Your support means a lot to many people all over the world. Your free shirt has been shipped and we hope you wear it proudly and see it as a token of appreciation for making so many people happy.

Our strain-list has been updated!

Please understand the importance of your contribution towards the Ring and the World by making your print donation to keep this project alive. We kindly like to ask every user to donate, every print counts to keep us running and the availability of many strains on our strain-list.

The art of happiness is to serve all!

Peace to the world,
Your FSRE Staff.

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Jul 25, 2014

Summer Break

Dear one and All,

There will be a Summer Break during the month August. In August we will not be able to empty our P.O.Box on regular base, so we kindly like to ask you to hold your requests until after August. The 31th of Juli will be the last P.O.Box collecting, these requests will be processed and shipped on the 1th of August.

However, the P.O.Box will be open for donations and we like to encourage all our users to help us build our stock for the re-opening at the end of August. So, please donate what ever you can, each print is a great contribution to the world. And for those who can mis some extra prints, our free FSRE T-shirts are still available.

During this summer break we will use the extra time for:

  • Re-organize our print archive
  • Label and pack many unpacked print donations
  • Perform some technical updates of the website
  • Some minor page updates

So, we will not be completely out of the office this summer! ;)

We wise you all a great summer time, enjoy your trips, travels and party’s. We will be back to serve you!

Peace to the world,
Your FSRE Staff.

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Sep 16, 2013

New Batch of FSRE Shirts!

We are happy to offer you our new batch of FSRE Shirts, and yes these shirts are also available for free! Please checkout our FSRE Shirt page for more info!

Green shirt with Black print:

The prices include shipping and package!

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Sep 10, 2013

Server attack!

Dear one and all,

As you might have noticed we had an issue with our registration and login for our site. We had to take some action as our site was victim of WordPress bot attacks. So, we could not access the site dashboard to update pages like the strain-list. The situation is under control now and everything is back to normal. As you can see our strain-list has been updated!

Sorry for the inconvenience, thank you for your understanding and stay on our site! ;)

Also, the new batch of FSRE shirts has arrived and we will soon continue our free shirt offer. All of you who had made a donation and requested a free shirt will receive their free shirt in a couple of days, thank you for your support!

Peace to the world!


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Aug 4, 2013

Summer Time

Dear all,

The answer to the question we receive multiple of time “Are you still active?” is “Yes, we are!” :)

However due to the summer and the good weather here in the Netherlands we are most of the time out of the office and on the road. This is the reason for a slow email response and does cause a delay on our regular processing time of your request. Still, all requests are processed and you will receive your prints!

After our summer time we will print a new batch of FSRE T-shirts as thy are almost out of stock and we still receive donations from people requesting a free shirt. So, to those of you how send in a donation but did not receive a shirt, don’t worry, you will get your shirt once we have printed a new batch. Further more we are planning a print drive when we are back to boost the availability of prints for the winter. As we know the many of you will start a indoor project during the winter! ;)

Enjoy your summer!


Peace to the wolrd,
Your FSRE Staff.

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