Jul 6, 2010


This strain has its origin in Brasil. It’s a very rhizomorphic and strong colonizer with medium sized mushrooms. It fruits very fast and appears in clusters counting a large number of mushrooms. No need to isolate this strain to get good results!

Source: SporeWonder


Brasil by FoolonFruity

  1. Howdy!
    Sent a letter from UK to you guys just yesterday for this one!:) Hope to get answer soon, can’t wait:3 it’s so quiet in comments sections, how are you doing shroomies?

  2. I have recived a print named “xapuri-br”. Is that the same strain?

  3. Very nice strain, it has a very rhyzomorphic mycelium, I will send 12 prints to you tomorrow :D

  4. lilrick666qc says:

    thank you received in three weeks

  5. mongulhulk says:

    got my print today thx il send afew back when things get goin thx again :)

  6. Today I send you two different letters.
    To receive spores of Amazonian and brasil.
    I hoppe there is long overdue by dates and I am form Guatemala.

    Merry christmas and a new year.

  7. Can I send 2 dollars for my spores?

    • FSRE Staff says:

      Yes, But, make sure it’s paper money, because our bank doesn’t accept coins other than Euro’s. So, the FSRE can’t exchange coins from other currencies and there for non- Euro coins are useless here in the Netherlands.

  8. Can I send a paper money(5 euro) instead of coins ?

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