Oct 12, 2010


The B+ is a domesticated hybrid mushroom of unknown origin. Under a microscope, this strain closely resembles a P.cubensis but shares some characteristics resembling a P.azurescens.
It’s a unique P.cubensis strain and performs very well indoors making it a popular strain for home hobbyists. It tends to yield larger than average fruitbodies that range from moderate to potent for a P.cubensis strain.
The infamous B+ strain of cubensis… what a chameleon this one is. This is by far the most versatile cubensis around. Adapting and growing in such a wide range of temperature conditions and substrates in nature.. It truly thrives to spread its seed, which by the way its a very heavy spore depositor. The B+ has been witnessed growing outdoors in nature fruiting several times in a wide range of temps and substrates. Several times one winter, night time low of 45F, day high of 60F, the B+ just flourished. Spring/summer, low of 75F, high of 90F, the B+ once again fruited beautifully. We’ve heard so many good reports back from growers in Amsterdam that just love this mushroom and how easy it grows, and how beautiful it is, its loved by many.
Although the B+ is not a super fast colonizer, its speed is average, producing some very large mushrooms that are generally a caramel color. When growing in nature in cooler temperatures, it usually always produces a very beautiful color caramel cap and stems. The stems are generally very thick, and it produces some large caps. It also drops a very thick veil. When growing in warmer temperatures, it’s color changes to a more golden color at times.

Source: http://www.thehawkseye.com

  1. I got the print after about a month, it was very small and didn’t have a lot of spores on it. But its enough for about 3 syringes and its very sterile (100% success rate so far) with no contamination.
    I will send some prints soon

  2. Be Positive =D

  3. sajmonon says:

    Got mine after 3 weeks. Thanks guys, if I succeed, Il send spore print back.

  4. MissJess says:

    How long do they need to be in darkness?

  5. Hi. I send i request toda y, hope to hear from you soon!

  6. goocigoc says:

    Thanks I received mine and took 4 weeks :D I’ll send you a print as soon as possible. Thanks FSRE!

  7. Hi! im from Argentina. How much money do i have to send you?

  8. henry_hill says:

    The print vame today with the mail. Thank you.

  9. mr.yolo says:

    Received today, thanks!!!

    Going to be great for our warm summer weather, I can’t wait to experiment under a microscope.

  10. Ordered my first print today from you, hope it gets here soon :D
    gonna send you some back ;)

  11. Arock777 says:

    Yesterday i received my stuff. Took 6 weeks. :)

  12. Arock777 says:

    I did not receive anything but i sent my request more than one month. End of this week will be the sixth week. :(

  13. The B + spores will germinate fast. B+ it will not let you down

  14. JohnTheBaptist says:

    Sent some prints back,quite a few actually.I will have to post smaller amounts more often as postage was a bit steep on the parcel.Oh well,hope others get to enjoy as I have…Cheers.

  15. Christiaan says:

    Thanks guys, received mine today, took 7 weeks to South Africa.
    Cant wait to get going, and experience it, hope to send a print soon.

  16. philipsbeers says:

    Thanks I received mine and took 6.5 weeks to get to South Africa.Peace

  17. redskully says:

    sent the mail at 22nd of March and recieved the print on 8th of April. Great job guys :) I’ll send you a print as soon as possible :)

  18. received a print on New year´s eve.looked very small,but I kept faith.today I saw first sign of colonization and I hope everything will go well in future(I am new in this),so I can sent few prints back. Thanks FSRE

  19. I ll send tomorrow a few prints :)

  20. J.George says:

    Takes forever to colonize, but is worth the patiance.
    One of my personal favorites!

  21. @ shroombox

    15cm? I sense some exaggeration there? I’ve never seen fruit bodies that large with B+, although they can grow big I’ll give you that.

  22. shroombox says:

    Had a great growth with this strain. huge fruits some fruits had caps with a size of 15cm across. today I’ll send some prints back

  23. Latvian says:

    Slow colonization – took around 3 weeks in room temperature for first signs of mycelium to show.

    So – be patient with this one, it’s worth it :)

  24. chouettechampi says:

    The best choice for the beginners

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