Jul 28, 2010


The Psilocybe azurescens mushroom is known to be the most potent type of mushrooms in the world. Unlike most mushrooms that are grown inside, this mushroom is excellent for outdoor cultivation. It grows excellent on woodchips.
In the north-western parts of Europe the best time to start cultivating outside is in spring. In southern Europe, with a warmer climate, the best time to start cultivating is in September-December .

Standard spawn medium: Sawdust/bran or rye grain
Fruiting substrate: lots of different woodchips.
Temperature during colonization: 18 – 22 ° C
Temperature during cropping: 10 – 15 ° C (outside)
Humidity: > 90%

Source: http://www.travellersgarden.com

  1. funkymonk22 says:

    ill send in some prints this winter after my fall fruiting:)

  2. Space_Is_Infinite says:

    Would love to see these come back in stock.

  3. kimterje83 says:

    dreaming of cultivate these outdors , want to make a magic wood track, with glowing mushroms showinng the way.then me and my frends can wack the trail following glowing musrooms and pick eat at night and day.
    pleas send in some sporeprints if possible lovelylov

  4. praetorian says:

    are there any specemins of these left??

  5. Amanitagirl says:

    Can you tell me where can I find instructions on how to grow these outside, and can I grow them inside? I have grown Australia inside, so is it the same? The temperatures are now two high for the outside cultivation, but sure want to order them for the fall. Love & Light!

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