Oct 12, 2010


This magnificent Cubensis argentina produces massive amounts of shrooms, is of mediocre size and flushes and flushes forever.

This strain has been known to grow on alder wood and fruit, compost, straw, dung, rice and it’s apparent favorite, bird or finch seed. Not only does it thrive during indoor breeding, it also has a very pleasant appearance and is very easy to breed. It will certainly produce lovely prints.
Argentina by Jan
  1. Kakouu12 says:

    Are they really so beautiful as in the pic?

  2. I received an Argentina print from here in 2009.
    It has been my favourite ever since.
    It does exceptionally well in mono tubs with wbs spawned to cocos/verm.
    First flushes are always medium sized mushrooms, comming in huge clusters filling out the entire space. You could not squeeze one more mushroom in there.
    Second flushes are meaty monsters and around the biggest I have ever gotten from any strain.
    I have tried numerous other cubes but always go back to Argentina.
    Thanks to whoever provided my print in 2009, it was of quality and very clean.
    Thanks to the people at fsre. This is such an unbelievable service, with an attitude that is so rare, it almost seems unreal.
    Wonderful you are <3
    you'll never run out of Argentina prints.

  3. it really flushes forever?

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