Oct 12, 2010


This strain, from the Amazone, produces short and stubby mushrooms with solid stems.

Although first flush mushrooms are somewhat small, the second and third flush make up for this. Large solid mushrooms with caps of 10 cm or more!

It has a tendency to form overlay on the casing surface. Therefore the trays should be exposed to fruiting conditions as soon as mycelium is noticed on the casing surface.

The mycelium is very rhizomorphic and thick. If the spawn isn’t used soon, or refrigereated, it becomes very thick and solid and almost impossible to separate into individual kernels. (Source: http://www.mushmush.nl)

A psilocybe cubensis variety originally from “Psylocybe Fanaticus”. It is called the amazonian but it’s also known as matias romero. Mushrooms are bigger then the mexican and effect you can compare them to the Thai dwarfs. But of course with their own character. (Source: http://www.shayanashop.com)

Amazonian by aggrobern

  1. mcmikkej says:

    hello my friends i need spores..peace and love

  2. cubeslover says:

    Received my Amazonian print yesterday the Jan.9.2017 Mailed out Dec.7.2016. With Christmas very fast : ) Thank You so much FSRE! What goes around comes around. From Canada thank you for what you do!

  3. cocoax says:

    my request arrived today!
    exactly 7 weeks (49 days) from Indonesia to Netherland and back to Indonesia.

    from my 4 request list, I got this amazon variant.
    not growing until next month though, and once I have my flushes, I’ll send prints back ASAP… maybe along with another request for another variant.

    thank you very much FSRE.

  4. chesy5513 says:

    Can you hook me up with a print

  5. rafambole says:

    Hi, it is my first time here and i dont know very much how too make the “trade” between us. So, i would like some help to make this community more strong and 100% fidelity with a brazilian guy with Amazon prints.

  6. Hey i try to buy one print ;)

  7. today did some spore syrnges. print was really dark and nice.
    and i got a suprise of another sporeprint
    will send prints back for sure!!!

  8. hi there :)
    I got print for few weeks, made just a little bit of it into spore syringe and inoculated jars. 100% of them are growing great :D
    Great quality print
    my print have about a year, but it started to colonize jar in about 3 days – super fast.

    You will definitely get print(s) from me :)

    Peace and love to you all. You are making great job :)

  9. slaymet69 says:

    Yay print came in today, I knew not too make a fool of myself and just wait it out!?!? A months + is a long time.but you came through! I’m glad I made the choice of FSRE.NL .thank you,thank you,thank you!!!!! And I will b happy to contribute to the cause !!!! Thanks again

  10. slaymet69 says:

    Sry FSRE,I read the fact ,and I know not to be a b%#ch and nagg.but 4 weeks just seems to long ,should I send another order,incase it was just transit scum ?!?

  11. free678 says:

    i’ve made an order 15 days ago, with a 5 euro bill and letter that i want to order these and if not possible some others. I did not receive anything until now and I’ve send 3 e-mails of which none have been answered til yet, so thank you for nothing FSRE.

    • free678 says:

      ok so the spores arrived today, what a timing :D.
      i’m sorry if I stressed you I was just very curious because you did not answer my e-mails. and I got two prints by the way, thank you very much for that! you will receive amazonian and brasil prints from me 100%, but not before the end of may :) cheers!

  12. magicgomba says:

    I send a letter tomorrow. How I could receive a notification his arrival?

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