Oct 26, 2010

Albino A+

Strain Oriing: Leucistic mutation of the A strain

Edibility: Toxic, Hallucinogenic*
Habitat: Bovine, Equine Dung and Enriched Soils
Climate: Subtropical

Cap: Very pale cream, especially in the center, to white often with bluish tones, sometimes with a sharp central nipple. Universal veil remnant spots are present but inconspicuous against the pale cap.
Stem: Similar in coloration to the cap, bluing intensely with damage. Partial veil leaves a persistent membranous annulus that is soon purple with spores.
Gills: Attachment adnate to adnexed. Grayish coloration in young fruit bodies becoming nearly black in maturity.
Spores: Dark purple in deposit
Comments: Unlike the PF albino, this mutated strain retains normally pigmented spores. Since there is also a small amount of pigment in the carpophores, this strain is better considered a leucistic form instead of a true albino..

Source: Sporeworks.com

Picture by Elop

  1. bam bam says:

    waiting for the print now it is been a week.Hope it comes soon i can’t wait to start the new grow. ;)

  2. I received ‘Transkei’ spores today. This was also my first choice I think afterwards.
    Thank you very much!


  3. Shooterm90 says:

    Anybody still growing them?:D
    Still looking for that strain a while ago….

  4. If anyone out there is having a beatyfull batch of these pecious albinos, can this person please help out a fanatic colectionist have a print of these babys in exange for tons of prints collected over years of growing?
    Just need this one print.

    Peace to the world bros!

    • brenoman says:

      Im cultivating these!
      I´m already in the second flush, with terrarium and corn/vermiculite casing.
      I also have a bucket with coconut and some liquid culture. But it´s still in the beginning and the shrooms are too small to take a print.
      Once i´m done taking the prints, i can send them to you!

  5. F4ustus says:

    anyone still growing them?i would Love to get my hands on some of These spores and TRY them out?

  6. Fresh Prints are soon on the way to ya :)


  7. I am growing atm AA+ i ll send some print´s after succes :)

  8. Flaming Inspiration IL says:

    i sure would like to grow thees babies, but they’ve been OUT OF STOCK for a long time…
    this is a shout out to anyone growing them to please send spores :D
    sharing is caring ;) thanks fsre!!

  9. do they retain that white coloration or do they blue or darken up when dried and how well do they print? I’m just looking for that special strain to start on and would like to send you guys something that prints good as apposed to a weak print.


    HI im new in this site, an i wish to know when can i see the adress if i wish to get this kind of spores.
    Thanks a lot.

  11. magicgomba says:

    I’m sorry…my friends :S
    How many euro/forint/dinar one print? ;)

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