Jul 6, 2009

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The Free Spore Ring Earth has many strains for 2 €uro a print.
You get 1 print for 2 €uro. The strains change a lot, but all are good strains.

The idea of the Free Spore Ring Earth is to provide you with spores at a cheap price. You can request a strain, if we have it you get it. If not, we will send another strain.

To keep the Free Spore Ring Earth going…We ask you after you have been successfull, to send back some prints to the Free Spore Ring Earth. This keeps the ring going, and allows others to recieve prints at the 2 €uro price as you did.

These prints were made by all of us that contribute to the The Free Spore Ring Earth.
Without you sending back prints….the Free Spore Ring Earth would not last long.

This way..the ring grows and continues…with all of our help.

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