Oct 10, 2010

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We go back to the year 2001. In that year  Eric visited a website called FSR which was operated by Ralphster44. The FSR was situated in the USA and did a great job for the online mushroom community. In 2001 the euro was still digital and with the coming of the euro it was possible to start a FSR in european currency.

In 2002 we started,  with the support of Ralphster and many others, the Free Spore Ring Europe at www.fsre.org.
From the start it was a great succes and we were realy amazed how much print donations & request entered our PObox.
We started with a simple website “FSR-style” and soon we changed to a frame style page (The white and rasterd edition).

The FSRE was founded on the 10th of March 2002.

Our main goal is to spread mushroom spores.
The FSRE is a non-commercial project.
We ship worldwide.

Original FSRE logo

FSR History
Ralphster44: The Creator of the first FSR
MeneerCactus: FSRE

Teonan: Started the FSRA
Shdwstr: Started the FSRC
Chrome Crow: Started the second FSRA
KrasHnBurnZ: Started the FSRNW

In 2003, Ingrid (my girlfriend) stepped into the project and turned out to be of great value. I don’t know if the FSRE was still around without her help.

In 2004 we changed the lay-out again to the oranje theme. Orange is our national color as our Queen Beatrix her family name is Oranje.

In 2005 we moved to a new provider and left the counter at Old Counter on www.fsre.org.
We got a new url, a new lay-out and intergrated 3 websites. And we are still working on our website.

1st July 2009 Eric & Ingrid left the daily office after seven years and Kasper entered the daily office. We changed to a new PO-box and rocked on.

December 2010 Kasper renewed the entire FSRE website, by replacing the old site for a new site based on the CMS WordPress. The new site shows an improvement of layout and design, is more dynamic and interactive with the visitors. The webpace has been increased and FSRE got his own forum section hosted at freeseedring.nl, as a member of The Rings. With this expansion, the name of FSRE was altered from Free Spore Ring Europe into Free Spore Ring Earth. As the FSRE has been oparating and serving the community not only within Europe but all over the word.

March 2012 FSRE passed the milestone of 10 years in service. A decade of loyalty and trust! An establishment that is only possible through the help and support of the online mushroom community.

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