Jul 6, 2010

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is it possible to order several strains in one letter?
A. No, at fsre you can send a request-list with several strains, but you only get one! And don’t send multiple envelops, if you send more then one envelop we will only answer one and see the others as a kind donation. After a month you may request the next one. This helps to insure that the stock isn’t depleted and that everyone has the opportunity to receive a print.

Q. I life outside the EU, can I still order spores?
A. Yes you can, we ship worldwide.

Q. Does FSRE accept currencies other then Euro’s?
A. -Yes, we do! But, make sure it’s paper money, because our bank doesn’t accept coins other than Euro’s. So, the FSRE can’t exchange coins from other currencies and there for non- Euro coins are useless here in the Netherlands. We prefer US-$ if Euro’s are not available! Please note that due to inflation we need to ask for 3,- US$ instead.

Q. Are you still active?
A. -Yes, we are! Please check the date on our strain-list for the most recent update of this list!

Q. I received a poor or contaminated print, can you send me a new one instead?
A. No, we can’t give guarantee on the prints we send, we are a free service and depend on that what we receive from others. Many prints we have are ok, but some may be poor or less. Requesting from FSRE is like a box of chocolate “you never know what you gone get”! ;) Just send a new request and hope for the best!

Q. I have send you a request, can you let me know if FSRE received it?
A. -No, we can’t! We can not keep track on each and every request we receive. We don’t keep any records, so we can not give you any outcome with regard to an individual request.

Q. Do I have to put a stamp on the return letter?
A. No, the FSRE puts a Dutch priority stamp on it.

Q. I sent you my letter 4 days ago. Are you ever gonna sent me a print?
A. It is most likely that the ordering/sending cycles takes less then 4 weeks.

Q. Are the FSRE prints labelled?
A. Yes, all the FSRE prints are labelled and sent in a ziplock-bag.

Q. Do you accept registered mail?
A. Sorry we don’t accept registered/insured letters.

Q. How many syringes can I fill with a print?
A. Between 1 and 40 depending on the quality of the print.

Q. Do you have a PayPal account?
A. Sorry we don’t work with PayPal.

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